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Be ready for your next shot, with theKADDI

An easy-to-use all-in-one holster that provides convenience with easy access. theKADDI slides over a belt, holds two golf tees, a switch blade divot tool (w/ball marker) and a Velcro strip for your golf glove.


All your golf accessories at your fingertips STOP reaching into your pockets or going back to your golf bag for tees, divot tools, ball markers or your glove! Your golf necessities are neatly stored in a discrete and compact holster, that easily slides onto a belt or any outfit. theKADDI provides convenience, while improving pace of play for all.

The Dreaded “Play Through”

Appearing to be "slow" on the golf course, can be intimidating. The time it takes to setup your shot is critical. Going back to your bag, is just wasted time. Everything you need is at your side, with theKADDI.

Stop the Wear and Tear

During a single round of golf, a golfer can reach in and out of their pockets up to 144 times. That means excessive wear and tear on your golf clothing.

Be Organized, Calm and Prepared

Focus on your next shot, instead of searching for your accessories...

Gain a Competitive Edge

Improves speed of play, resulting in a superior golf experience and improved player satisfaction.


Holds Your “Golf Vitals”

Grab your tees, ball markers, divot repair tools and even your golf glove in seconds.

Improve Pace of Play

Get your hands out of your pockets while you speed up play with Kaddi.

Save Money

Golf clothes are expensive! Stop the wear and tear on your pockets.

Amazing Results

See what other golfers have to say about theKADDI.

The divot tool itself is very well done. The action is sharp and there is no play when the forks are open, which is not the case with others I’ve seen.
greg frueler - kaddi

Greg Freuler

ProActive Sports Group

I’ve ruined golf shorts and pants with the tee tips making holes in my pockets.  I’ve also had tees go under my fingernails, while trying to find them in my pockets.  Since using theKADDI, those issues have gone away

Loretta Martin


theKADDI is very lightweight and nimble.  It stays out of the golfers way during the swing and is extremely easy to access your golf utensils without even looking down.  I highly recommend theKADDI.

Doug Sanders


theKADDI Demonstration

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